Angel Freedman is a Registered Social Worker, specializing in individual, couple and group counselling. She also offers her expertise in parenting and communication. She is also an accomplished public speaker and activist, involved in issues of feminist, homelessness, youth in crisis, domestic violence and other social justice movements.

In the past few years Angel has been working with people who are either separated and/or divorced. Angel offers individuals tools to heal separation, and couples ways to separate that leaves everyone’s dignity intact. Angel also helps with parenting in separation which allows children to thrive while healing a separation.
  • On Individual Counselling; Angel believes that individuals that seek counselling want to live better lives. Angel's suggestion on readings, journaling and dialoguing has clients encouraged to heal.
  • On Couples Counselling; Angel's counselling approach with couples is to work with both people to ensure that the relationship is first and that both individuals are on board through couple meetings, proper communication and fun together.
  • Parenting; Learn how to conduct family meetings, create chore charts, schedules, rule lists, and other basic parenting tools. Develop a parenting plan that suits you and your family so that everyone feels the sense of belonging and worth.
As a student at York University's Social Work Honours program, Angel took her electives in Women’s Studies and Community Policing. Throughout her school career and community involvement Angel has continued to see a correlation between community, family and policing.

Angel's education was not limited to university. She also made time to be trained in Adlerian Psychology by attending parenting classes, youth gang seminars, and critical incident and stress management. To further Angel’s interest in the theories of Alfred Adler she, attended several North American Adlerian Conferences in the United States and Canada. Angel continues to attend many seminars and events on such topics as parenting, youth violence, social media, homelessness, women’s issues and social injustices.

Angel's love for learning, reading, and continually finds time to keep educating herself.

Angel is a leader, communicator, an experienced negotiator, and problem solver. Angel is a firm believer that no problem is so big that we can't find a solution together.